visuelle-mediengestaltung German Publication:
Radtke, S. P.; Pisani, P.; Wolters, W. (2013): Compendium Visual Media Design, Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin, 7th. Ed. (ISBN 9783061510381)
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visuelle-mediengestaltung English Publication:
Intercultural Design Basics
BIS Publishers
visuelle-mediengestaltung English Publication:
Radtke, S. (2020): Educational Animations in Inter- and Monocultural Design Workshops. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Intermedia Arts and Creative Technology - Volume 1: CREATIVEARTS (ISBN 9789897584305), pages 147-155
DOI: 10.5220/0009032101470155
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visuelle-mediengestaltung Keynote Speaker:
Type in Motion and Educational Animation” at ICODL 2017 und 2nd Educational Short Film Festival, Athens/Greece
visuelle-mediengestaltung German Publication: Radtke, S. P. (2016): Internationalization of programs in media training. Methods and results using the example of intercultural design workshops in US, Egypt and Indonesia. In Proceedings of the 18th conference on vocational education 2015 for media professionals using new methods. Change in society, in professions and in dual training? Ed. H. Klaffke, S. Knutzen, A. Buether, B. Toscano. (Eds.) Hamburg University of Technology, Technical Education and University Didactics G-3 (ISBN 9783737578004), pages 151-180
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visuelle-mediengestaltung German Book Contribution:
Radtke, S. P. (2011). Development and Redesign of a logo. In Corporate Identity by Annja Weinberger, Stiebner Verlag (ISBN 9783830713784), pages 56–59
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