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Team 2

"When it rains it pours"

German proverb: Ein Unglück kommt selten allein (literal meaning: Bad luck rarely happens alone)
Greek proverb: Έσπασε ο διάολος το ποδάρι του. (literal meaning: Once the devil breaks his leg..)
Indonesian proverb: Sudah jatuh, tertimpa tangga pula (literal meaning: A person slips and a ladder falls on him)

Status Quo

This intercultural workshop had the topic “Type in Motion“. The focus was to use kinetic typography. Assigned proverbs in three different languages had to be animated.

Problem Statement

The real problem was to put all the multiple meanings of the proverbs in three languages in one animation together. The animation should look cohesive.

Purpose Statement

To find parallels in the content of the proverbs, we extracted the important and easy to combine keywords of each proverb. For example the word “devil“ in the Greek proverb fits the word “slips“ in the Indonesian proverb, because slipping is mostly connected with something bad. Bad is a distant synonym of bad luck, which is the deeper meaning of all the proverbs together.


The concept is based on the keywords contained in the different proverbs. We realized that each proverb has the same meaning but consists out of different words in each language. The English proverb contains the keyword “rain." The Greek proverb contains the keywords “devil” and “broken leg” and the Indonesian proverb contains the keywords “slip” and “ladder." Together we created a story containing all the keywords and the meaning of the proverb itself. The animation shows the meaning of the proverb in a funny way. The name of the animation reveals something about the action and arouses interest. The Greek target group can even suspect that the animation is about the proverb.


We want our target group to realize that the content of our English proverb also exists in different languages. Everybody should realize that the proverbs developed independently from each language in different cultures. Since we all have similar needs, even in a globalized world everyday situations are quite similar. That becomes clear after reading the descriptions about the proverbs in the introduction.


This animation doesn´t work without visual imagery: this is the image of a devil. We wanted to combine animated typography with images to show the multiple meanings of the three different proverbs.


Alexander von Eickstedt (6th sem.)
Technological Educational Institution of Athens

Heiko Heiter (4th sem.)
Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Tanja Hornung (6th sem.)
Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Steffen Linse (4th sem.)
Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Arjunakresnawisnu Murti (8th sem.)
UIndonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta