About us

Every workshop has been a collaboration between Susanne P. Radtke and the co-lecturers from the international partner universities. Additionally, visiting lecturers and international experts from different fields such as software engineering, film, and social sciences have contributed a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary approaches. Their engagement and special contributions have greatly enriched the experience for all of us, especially for the students.

The following list includes the visiting lecturers and international experts who have been and some remain an essential part of the intercultural workshops since 2011, in chronological order. The subsequent list summarizes the co-lecturers sorted by partner universities.

    Visiting lecturers

  • Frank Wettstädt, software engineer, Berlin, Germany
  • Lewis Nightingale, graphic designer, San Francisco, USA
  • Deny Tri Ardianto, film director, Solo, Indonesia
  • Mohamed Hasan, calligrapher, Cairo, Egypt

  • Experts

  • David Holdack, film editor and cinematographer, Berlin, Germany
  • Andrea Böhm, social worker, Ulm, Germany
  • Jula Dech, art historian, and lecturer, Berlin
  • Our gratitude also goes to everyone else who provided their expertise.

  • Co-lecturers at partner universities Indonesia Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, Indonesia:

  • Andi Haryanto
  • Terra Bajraghosa
  • Gogor Bangsa
  • Setya Budi Astanto
  • Prof. Dr. Dwi Marianto

  • University of West Attica, Athens, Greece

  • Prof. Dr. Eleni Mouri
  • Prof. Dr. Spyros Siakas

  • San Francisco State University (SFSU), San Francisco, USA

  • Prof. Nancy Noble
  • Prof. Ricardo John Gomes

  • German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt

  • Prof. Fred Meier-Menzel
  • Haytham Nawar